Wednesday, August 25, 2021

SOUNDWARE: Chamber Cello for Zampler. Project Zompler.


A soundware set dedicated to the cello. My original Strings collection had some cello sounds, but here you'll find some alternatives, and a more comprehensive collection. With fast and slow attack times, brighter and darker filter settings, and alternative effects processing, you should find the cello sound you need. 

Great for songwriting or anyone composing or arranging classical or soundtrack pieces. 

Zampler is available free from the following link. It's a VST sample player with synthesizer style editing. 

I'm currently developing 'essential' soundware sets for songwriters, as well as ambient and soundtrack composers and arrangers. 

Download Link. 

You can download your copy of 'Chamber Cello' from the following link. Just download the whole folder to you hard drive and use Zampler's 'load patch' function to select your sounds. 

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