Tuesday, August 31, 2021

SOUNDWARE: ANIMAtronic Vol 1. Synth and Arpeggios for Steinberg ANIMA, and Sample Library.


ANIMAtronic Vol. 1

64 electronica synthesizer patches and 64 arpeggiator patterns for Steinberg HALion's ANIMA synthesizer. Also available as a sample collection. 

I got a copy of Steinberg's HALion 6 as a sample and instrument development tool that I could use to develop sample libraries and and virtual instruments that could be used by everyone via Steinberg's free HALion Sonic SE3 player. 

But I was delighted to find that it also comes supplied with a host of additional sample players and virtual synthesizers. So once my computer had spent several days downloading this additional content I set about exploring and checking out these additional products and associated content. 

By my reckoning, HALion comes with five additional software synthesizers. I'm including Skylab in this count although some might consider that a sample playback device for ambient and soundtrack type samples. 

Voltage is a virtual analog monosynth, Trium is a three oscillator virtual analog polysynth, Auron is a granular synthesizer and Anima is HALion's resident wavetable polysynth. 

Having spent a little bit of time playing around with these products, it was Anima that initially caught my ear and so I started developing and saving patches for this product. 

Anima is a dual oscillator plus sub wavetable synth subtractive style filtering and envelope generation. It comes with a vast array of waveforms, and the waveform scanning can be edited for position, speed, and direction, as well as phase and formant position. To help facilitate these parameter adjustments, Anima features 3d (or 2d) graphic rendering of waveforms which produces the added bonus that it's a great synth to look at!

I love synthesizer arpeggiators, and HALion has a really powerful arpeggiator that can be included with all developed instruments, so all the synths come with much the same on board arpeggiator, and, for me, this is where Anima really comes to life. The arpeggiator includes the usual 32 step pitch and velocity sequencer as well as parameters for things such as gate time, octave numbers, and sequencer 'reading', i.e. up/down, down/up, chord, etc. But the arpeggiator also allows you to include sequences for three additional parameters, which allows the arpeggiator to be used to modulate pretty much any parameer within the synth. For electronic music producers, this is a really powerful feature. 

These features make it a wonderful software synthesizer for anyone involved in electronic music. The sounds it makes have so much motion, and there's so much 'edge' and 'bite' to the sounds it makes. 

So here's my first collection of ANIMA patches and arpeggio patterns. There are 64 patches arranged into 8 groups of similar style sounds. Each of the 8 patch groups then has 8 arpeggiator patterns for a total of 64. They are all, I guess, European/industrial, or Motorik/Krautrock style patches and patterns. 

Demo Videos and Tracks. 

The 'main' demo video is finally now available.

This collection has had quite a long 'gestation' period over which I've put together a number of demo videos and tracks, and you'll find all these below.

Some other tracks at my hearthis.at page:

Download Information and Link.

You can download a copy of ANIMAtronic Vol 1 using the following link. The sounds are organised into groups with each folder containing at least eight patches, and eight arpeggiator presets. Just right click to download the entire folder and then drag the patches into HALion's 'sound dock'. The arpeggitor presets can be loaded via ANIMA's arpeggiator page. 

You need HALion with a copy of ANIMA for these patches. The advantages of having ANIMA are clear, you can edit all these sounds and arpeggios to develop your own creations. However, if you don't have a copy of HALion/ANIMA, then I've also developed a collection of .wav samples from the project which can be used with pretty much any sample player/instrument, and they can be downloaded from the link below. 

If you like and use this sound collection, or any of my soundware projects, and would like to support future projects, and/or buy me a drink, then please donate via my Paypal.me page via the image/link below. Suggested £3 - £5 for this soundware pack.  Many Thanks. 


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