Wednesday, August 4, 2021

FREE SOUNDWARE: Project Zompler. Juno Polysynth for Zampler.


'Juno Polysynth' for Zampler. 

Here's the latest sound set for Zampler
Project Zompler is my ongoing soundware project for Zampler
Zampler is a freeware VST sample player with synthesizer parameters and effects. You can download your free copy here:

Project Zompler.

Project Zompler will provide a full set of 'essential' sounds/patches for Zampler ideal for use with freeware or entry level music production platforms (or DAWs) that don't come with much in the way of instruments and sounds, such as Soundbridge or Reaper. Turning Zampler into what is commonly referred to as a Rompler. Great for learning/education, but the sounds are really usable and ideal for songwriters and music composers that need a strong 'foundation' of 'everyday' sounds. 

All the sounds are stored in Zampler's own .fxb file format along with the source samples, so they are ready to use patches and don't require any further mapping or editing. 

I reckon I'm now up to 99 patches in the collection, you can find the others, which include piano/e-piano, acoustic guitars, electric basses, strings, voices/choirs, trumpet, sax, and organs by searching 'Zompler' in the search bar. Once I get to the magic 128 I'll collate all the sets into a single blog post page and download file for anyone who would like the whole library in one go. 

Juno Polysynth Sounds for Zampler. 

This patch collection is a selection of 20 polysynth sounds. Based around a sawtooth wave sample, this collection features some really powerful 'comps' as they are sometimes known alongside some slower moving pad type sounds. 

Zampler's powerful filtering, modulation, envelope generators and effects have been used to supply a great selection of fat, powerful sounds evoking the 'analog' synth age of the 70s and 80s. 

It actually kind of turns Zampler into a synthesizer in it's own right. 

Juno Polysynth for Zampler Download Link. 

Use the following link to downlod the patches along with the source samples. Just right click to download the whole folder to your hard drive then use Zampler's 'Load Patch' function to navigate to and load the required patch/sound. 

Thanks for checking it out!

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