Tuesday, August 3, 2021

FREE SOUNDWARE: Ghost Machine. Yamaha RX-5. Samples/Resamples, and RitMix Kits


Yamaha RX5 Sample Library. 

This month's Ghost Machine vintage drum machine sample/kit collection is the mighty Yamaha RX5

Yamaha's RX5 was the ultimate incarnation of the RX Series drum machine, boasting touch sensitive pads, 12 separate outputs with their own individual faders and basic sound editing controls including pitch and envelope adjustment....... and 24 (yes 24!) digitally sampled sounds. 

I remember when I started in music retail in the mid/late eighties, this was a very sought after product with a ticket price around £900 I believe, although moving on to London's Denmark Street a little later, I became interested in more 'exotic' American products such as EMUs SP1200 and Sequential's Studio 440

But the RX5 did have it's admirers and users including New Order, Cocteau Twins, Madonna, Cameo, and interestingly The Sisters of Mercy. I was always led to believe that the Sister's 'Dr Avalanche' was an old Boss DR-55 Doctor Rhythm drum machine. However 'Dr Avalanche' had a number of incarnations and at one point was an RX5. I guess, rather like Dr Who, he/she regenerated into different machine forms. 

More info on the Sisters of Mercy and their drum machines here.  

You can certainly hear how the RX5 would have suited the Sister's sound with it's big rattly snare drum and fat/thuddy kick. 

So here we have not only the original set of sounds from the RX5 but a set of resamples, with some of the sounds EQ'd, squashed, crushed and shaped to be even bigger, fatter and even more 80s!

Ritmix Kits.

in addition to the set of samples, I've also put together some kits for Soundbridge's Ritmix drum machine instrument. Ritmix is an incredible freeware VST drum machine. All my drum machine sets that have kits are now put together for Ritmix so anyone can access them free of charge including the mighty, and soon to be legendary, 80s Goth Kit.  

To download your free copy of Ritmix just head over to soundbridge.io and you'll find it there. 

Demo Video.

I've put together a quick demo video for this soundware set with a demo track and some RX5 history, famous users and some personal ramblings. 


Download Link. 

You can get your free RX5 samples/resamples and Ritmix kits via the link below. Just right click to download the entire folder. You can then use the individual samples with your own sample player of choice or via Ritmix. 

Optional Donation.

If you like my work, use the products, and/or would like to support future projects then please donate via my Paypal.me page via the image/link below. Many Thanks. 


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