Sunday, July 11, 2021

SOUNDWARE: Roland FA Series. Analog Workshop Vol 1. Patches, Drum Samples, Loops.


Analog Workshop Vol 1 For Roland FA-06 / 07 / 08.

64 great sounding synthesizer patches, 64 classic analog drum samples and 64 synthesizer sample loops inspired by the best in European electronic music. 


Analog Workshop Vol 1 features 64 synth patches, 64 classic analog drum machine samples and 64 synthesizer sample loops that will spark your creativity and have you writing electronic music hits in no time. 

This state of the art soundware pack digs deep down into the FA Series powerful features and massively expands on the standard factory sounds and capabilities. 

Like many modern instruments, the FA Series comes loaded with hundreds of factory presets, but they don't even come close to fulfilling the instruments potential in terms of usability, creativity and ........ 

So for just a few dollars you get..........

The Three Sound Collections:

FA Series Synthesizer Patches:

Using only the FA Series Super Natural 'analog' synthesizer waveforms, the sixty four synth patches feature synth basses that sit perfectly into your mixes, powerful polysynth sounds that add bite and colour, and synth lead creations that are as expressive and playable as they get!

Classic Analog Drum Samples:

Alongside the synth patches are sixty four classic 'analog' drum samples. Soft, thuddy kick drums, snappy snares, vintage toms and an assortment of electronic percussion sounds that will make your rhythm tracks sparkle. 

Synthesizer Sample Loops:

Finally, a collection of electronic synth arpeggio samples taken from the best selling 'Motorik City' collection of synth samples will take you on an inspirational journey through the best in Northern European electronic music. 

More About The Soundware Pack:

All my sound packs are 'genre specific' collections designed to help you get the most from your hard earned instrument. For just a few dollars you'll really start to squeeze every creative drop from your FA Series synthesizer workstation. Each soundware pack contains so many elements, it's like getting a new instrument!
And soundware pack that inspires you to dig deep into the FA Series true capabilities to develop your own sonic creations and become a real FA Series power user!

Bonus Soundware.

In addition to the Analog Workshop Vol 1 soundware pack you will also get 32 patches from the 'Widescreen Pads and Soundscapes' collection. 

These are a collection of moving, changing cinematic pads for FA Series. Check out the demo video for these sounds in the section below. 

Demo Video and Tracks. 

Check out the demo video for Analog Workshop Vol 1 below or at my Youtube Channel. 

Check out the demo video below for the bonus Widescreen Pads and Soundscapes Vol 1.  Patches for Roland FA Series. 

There is also a sales brochure and user guide available as a pdf. You can download that here. 

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Price and Downloading:

Analog Workshop Vol 1 for Roland FA Series can be downloaded from my Payhip store. Price is £6.
Payment and downloading is entirely automated and entirely secure via the blue button below. 


Thank you for checking out this soundware collection. Loads more soundware products already available and still to come for both hardware and software synths. Why not follow my Facebook Page for the latest updates.