Tuesday, July 6, 2021

SOUNDWARE: ANIMAtronic Vol 1 for Steinberg HALion ANIMA Synthesizer


The first collection of ANIMA sounds/patches are now taking shape and almost completed.....and it now has a name: ANIMAtronic Vol 1.

The sounds will presented in two forms. As ANIMA patches and arpeggios that can be fully edited for owners of Halion 6 or the standalone ANIMA plugin. 
The arpeggios will also be available as a collection of samples. Not as flexible or editable as the patches but with capable sample editing software with time stretching and synth parameters, still a great sounding sample library pack. 

You can hear some of the patches/samples and a general discussion about ANIMA and the concept of the soundware pack on this preview video:

A fuller, more formal demo video will follow upon release, so stay tuned.....more information at the bottom of the page. 

A couple more demo 'vignettes' are also available via my hearthis account below. 

The video also includes a brief discussion of Steinberg's HALion 6 sound generating software and instrument suite, ANIMA itself, some of the other synths within HALion 6, one or two of my other favourite wavetable software synths, and a general discussion of wavetable synthesis generally. All interesting stuff, but I can ramble on a bit. 

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