Thursday, July 15, 2021

FREE SOUNDWARE: Club Sax. Samples and Patches for Zampler. Part of Project Zompler.


Club Sax. Free Sax Samples and Patches for Zampler. 

A collection of four sax patches for Zampler derived form the same sample set. 

Zampler is a free software VST sample player with synthesizer style editing available from Germany's music technology magazine. I guess they call it 'magware'. It was developed in partnership with Synapse Audio. You can get your free copy here. You don't need a magazine subscription. 

You can download your free copy here;

In response to a lack of freeware 'Rompler', I'm developing an 'essential' sound collection for Zampler. A kind of software Sound Canvas if you remember those. 

Proteus VX is only 32 bit, Sample Science Player is no longer available, the free version of IK Multimedia's Sample Tank 4 has some great sounds but is not very 'comprehensive' and the same goes for the UVI workstation. The best free soundware collection is the 'Plugsound' AVID edition for UVI Workstation but this is only for Pro Tools! 

So I'm developing this soundware pack for Zampler for songwriters and producers who need a collection of essential sounds. Piano, bass, drums, e-piano, organs, etc. That sort of thing. Quality wise, it's probably a bit of a step up from something like the old Sound Canvas. I have a bit more memory to play with than the engineers of those kind of products. 

Zampler with this patch collection are also a great partner for freeware DAWs such as Soundbridge or Akai Pro MPC Beats. 

The patches are all 'mapped' and ready to use. There's no additional work required. of course, you may wish to edit the sounds with Zampler's synth editing and effects to develop your own creations, and you can save these with Zampler's patch management from it's main screen.

By my reckoning, the collection now stands at 83 patches/sounds with Piano/E-Piano, Bass Guitar, Rock Organ, Drums, Ambient Voices, Acoustic Guitar, Strings, Trumpet, and Pipe Organ patch groups.  So I'm getting nearer to the target 128. Then we'll have, hopefully, all essential bases covered. But I'll keep developing beyond that. 

Club Saxophone for Zampler Download Link. 

Use the link below and download the entire 'Club Saxophone' folder to your hard drive. 
The use Zampler's 'Load Patch' function to select the sounds. The sound patches are the .fxb files. 

I hope you enjoy these sounds, you should find the other Zampler patch groups/sounds by searching 'Zampler' in the search bar above. 

Once I've got to the 128 patches, I'll 'collate' all the sounds and links onto a single blog page. 

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The information contained within this blog post is offered on an informal basis and is correct to the best of my knowledge. I accept no responsibility for outcomes arising from the mis/interpretation or use of this information and/or associated download files. Always download files via security/scanning software. 


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