Sunday, June 20, 2021

SOUNDWARE: PROJECT ZOMPLER. Free Pipe Organ Sounds for Zampler.


Eight pipe organ sounds for Zampler.

Some pipe organ patches as part of Project Zompler

Project Zompler is a soundware project designed to provide a comprehensive library of sounds for / Synapse Audio's Zampler sample/soundfont player / synth. 

You can get your free copy of Zampler here:

'Project Zompler' is now well underway. This is the ninth category. Piano/E-Piano, Bass Guitar, Rock Organ, Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Flute, Strings, and Voices being the other eight. You'll find posts and download information on those within these pages. Just search 'Zompler' in the search bar. Current total number of patches is now, I think, 68. Plenty more to come.....

Not too much added really in terms of effects, obviously judicious use of reverb to place the sounds in a large space sometimes. Zampler's reverb sounds great to me. 

I would say most of them are 'smaller' kind of church organ sounds rather than gigantic cathedral types, but download them and check them out. 

Should have a short demo video available soon, but they don't take long to download and check out if you want to try them in the meantime. Download details below. 

Download Link.

Just click the link below and download the entire folder. Navigate to the folder via Zampler's 'load patch' function and ope any of the .fxb patch files. 

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