Monday, June 14, 2021

SOUNDWARE: PROJECT ZOMPLER. Ambient Vocals. Free Choir Patches for Zampler

Ambient Vocals. Voice Patches for Zampler.

The latest soundware installment of free Zampler sounds are four rather nice choir/voice patches. Making full use Zampler's lush reverb and delay, these sounds are ideal for all your soundtracks and ambient pieces. 

Check them out with the link below.  

Project Zompler is my ongoing soundware project for magazines's Zampler sample/soundfont VST instrument/player.

You can get your free copy of Zampler using the link below.

Demo Video. 

There's a quick demo video available at my Youtube channel. 

Free Choir Sounds for Zampler. Download Link. 

Just click the link below, the right click 'Ambient Voices'. Download the whole folder then use Zampler's load patch function. Navigate to the Ambient Voices folder and load one of the four patches. Then enjoy your new sounds!

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  1. Hi. When I try to load a patch, Zampler says it can't find "Vocal Aahhs.sfz"

    The file is in the same folder as the fxp files. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hi Niki. Looking into it for you now. Yes, it's usually where the samples, .sfz, and ,fxb files are located. I'll check it out.....

    2. Just downloaded and unzipped the folder and everything seems to work OK. Let me think.......

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