Sunday, June 13, 2021

CONSULTANCY: Soundbridge Music PC's. Outstanding Capability, Minimal Cost


Powerful, fast computer music systems with masses of additional plug-in instruments and soundware starting from around £500*. 

Computer music systems built around the incredible Soundbridge DAW (Digital Audio Workstation.) plus a 'container load' of additional instruments, effects and soundware giving you masses of creative options from day one. 

*core system with computer and software suite. Other hardware items and peripherals such as audio interfaces, microphones and keyboards are extra.

In the world of computer music a little knowledge goes a long way. There are many pitfalls that can waste time, cause distractions and even prove to be costly mistakes. 

I provide consultancy services focusing on assembly and installation of desktop and laptop computer music systems tailor made to meet the your exact requirements, maximise creative options, and get you up and running straight away. 

Whether you're a singer/songwriter, electronic musician, soundtrack writer or ambient composer, I supply high performance hardware with a literal 'mountain' of additional software and soundware that offers you enormous creative possibilities and potential from the word 'go'. 

So if you're in the market for your first or an upgraded computer music system then why not try something different to the usual 'music shop' option. Try an alternative. Someone committed to ensuring you have the right tools and system for your needs with ongoing support and updates. 

As an example, imagine a music PC with the following:

- Unlimited audio and instrument track capability with detailed editing and control.
- A suite of great sounding effects processors covering everything that you need from vocal processing to guitar and instrument effects modelling. 
- Unlimited additional plug-in support so sound possibilities become endless. 
- Collaborative/cloud features that allow you to work with other musicians around the globe. 
- Powerful vocal 'autotune' processing to make sure you're vocals sound fully pro and locked in tune. 
- A sample player instrument with an extensive library covering high quality versions of 'essential' sounds including piano, electric piano, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, organ, strings, etc.
- The best drum machine plug-in instrument around with comprehensive programming and editing features as well as thousands of additional drum sounds. Including 'essential electronic' sounds such as 'classic' TR606, 808, 909 as well as complete MPC collections. The collection includes:

                        Essential Electronic Drums.
                        Urban/Rap/Hip Hop Collection. 
                        Complete Akai MPC500
                        Complete Akai XR20.
                        Contemporary Production Classics. 
                        Production Kicks Collection. 
                        The Ghost Machine vintage collection including.
                        Korg S3. 
                        Kawai R50/R50e.
                        Yamaha RX5.
                        Akai XR10.

- A collection of great sounding synthesizer plug-ins including:

A powerful analog monosynth for fat synth basses and cutting leads. 
Two amazing wavetable synthesizers with additional sound collections. Great for synth pads, electronic arpeggios, and plucked dance sounds. 
An analog polysynth emulator based upon the mighty classic Yamaha CS80 synthesizer. 

- A powerful sampler instrument with comprehensive editing and control. Ideal for loops/beats, vocal and instrumental 'hits', as well as additional instruments and drum kits. Supplied with Drum Mechanics acoustic drum sounds/kits consisting of 900+ acoustic drum sounds. 

All this assembled and pre installed, so you immediately have creative options way beyond even the most expensive pre-packaged music production software and at a fraction of the cost. 

All achieved through years of experience and knowledge and certainly NOT through the use of cracked/illegal software. 


At the hear of the setup is Soundbridge. A fully featured DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that can handle all music making applications. It has an instrument and audio track count limited only by the speed and capability of your computer hardware, detailed track editing, comprehensive mixing facilities, a powerful suite of effects and processing covering everything you need including reverb, delay, EQ, and compression, and unlimited third party VST plug-in support. 

All beautifully presented with high quality graphics and intuitive layout. In many ways, it's the music technology world's best kept secret. 

The First Steps Are Always The Hardest.......

In addition, you'll receive two hours of Soundbridge training covering all the basics, along with my own quick start guide to get you up and running. Once you've mastered the basics, the details come much more easily. Manuals for the individual instruments are also pre-loaded onto your hard drive. 


Core systems are available from around £500 for laptop or desktop systems utilizing refurbished but still powerful and up to date computer hardware. A desktop monitor would be an additional cost.

Close attention is paid to computer specs including processor type, speed and age (min Core i5) as well as hard drive (256gb SSD) and RAM (min 8gb). 

Other items and peripherals would include audio interfaces, microphones, headphones, monitor (speakers) and keyboards. Again high quality refurbished items are generally available offering incredible cost savings. 

It's starts with a conversation...........

Give me a call or email outlining your requirements and start the discussion. Once I have a solid idea of your requirements I can begin to research and suggest some suitable computer hardware alongside any additional hardware items you may require including audio interface, microphones and keyboards, etc. 

Once you're happy with my suggestions and information and give me the green light I'll proceed with obtaining the required hardware, configure your audio interface, and install and configure all your software and soundware elements. 

Two hours of initial Soundbridge training are available (if you're based in the local area) so you can confidently start on and focus on your music and art. 

But that's not the end of the story.........

Full telephone support is available for your system via my own personal mobile telephone number. 

Every quarter you'll receive my email updates with additional plug-in suggestions, new soundware and sample collections and general computer music news to keep your creative options fresh and varied. 

So if you're looking to enter the world of computer music why not contact me so I can let you know what I can offer. If you're a beginner, you'll get your own personal guide that will be with you every step of the way. 

Telephone: 07802 640373.

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