Sunday, April 25, 2021

PROJECT ZOMPLER: FREE Flute Sounds for Zampler (Free VST Sample Player/Synth.)


Project Zompler is my FREE soundware collection for / Synapse Audio's Zampler. Zampler is a free VST sample playback instrument/synth which you can download here:

Project Zompler aims to equip Zampler with a full set of ready to play acoustic sounds and patches, making it ideal for use with free DAWs such as Soundbridge to provide a full set of everyday acoustic sounds. An 'essentials' collection if you like. 

Previous to this flute collection, I've developed sets of pianos/electric pianos, basses, solo and ensemble strings, and acoustic guitars.

This flute set consists of eight flute patches, and I think they sound pretty good.
The eight patches have different filter and effects assignments, but are based on the same basic samples. 

Technical Note: The samples here are quite long, but there does seem to be an issue sometimes when converting these soundfonts from one type to another (necessary for use in Zampler) in that they 'retrigger' at the end of the sample. In this case it's not a major issue as the sample are probably about as long as the typical flautist might reasonably be expected to hold a note, but thought I'd mention it just in case you think there might be an issue with your patches, your Zampler VST or your DAW. 

I've put together a quick demo video. 

Download Link:

Download your free Zampler patches using the following link. Just download the whole folder to your hard drive (the folder contains the patches and the raw samples) then load them into Zampler using the 'load patch' function. 

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Total number of Zompler patches now stands at 48.


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