Thursday, April 8, 2021


This month's free backing track is an electronic version of Steve Winwood's Higher Love. Loosely based on the recent Whitney Houston/Kygo version but not really designed to be a 'carbon copy'. 
So why not add an exciting and original track to your live set or streaming channel and download from my hearthis channel. 
This version has an extended 'instrumental drop section' as an audience clap-along/sing-along section. 

As usual, I've posted two versions, one with an instrumental 'vocal/topline' so you know where the vocal lines and verses/choruses, etc are, and one is the 'pure' backing track without this. 

Both versions have download enabled so just click the little button with the down-pointing arrow to download to your device. 

Here's the version with the synth/vocal 'topline'. 

And you can play or download the 'pure' backing track version here.

Free versions are MP3 quality. If you'd like a high resolution .wav version then let me know. Contact details are at the bottom of the page.

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Contact me if you require any custom backing tracks or programming. 

Thanks for looking/listening!

Telephone: 07802 640373.  

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