Monday, November 2, 2020

TECHNICAL: Using Phaseplant as a Stand Alone Application


One of the first things the phaseplant manual tells you is that it is not a 'standalone' application. you have to use a host DAW. phaseplant is a great sound generating instrument, but sometimes the moment takes you and you want to be fired up and ready to go as quickly as possible. 

It is true that phaseplant is not a standalone application but you can turn it into one using a little application called Nanohost from a company called Tone 2. It's a free piece of software and you can download it here:

Here's a screenshot:

All you need to do is download (or copy) Nanohost into the same folder as the phaseplanet.dll file. Then rename the Nanohost file phaseplant.exe. Then launch phaseplant.exe and ......hey presto you have an instance of phaseplant all ready to go 'wrapped inside' Nanohost. Nanohost has on;y a few parameter just to set up your hardware audio and midi devices. 

But that's not all. You can create a desktop shortcut/icon for phaseplant.exe so you can literally have it open and up and running with just a double click. 

Everything works OK with phaseplant. I've tested it. All the patch loading and saving parameter editing. All of it. 

Nanohost is a really ingenious little bit of software. I have all the VST synths I program on desktop icons, and they can be open in no time. No need to open a DAW or saved templates/songs, etc. 

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