Tuesday, November 24, 2020

SOUNDWARE: Project Zompler. Part 3. Strings. FREE Rompler Sound Collection for Beat/Synapse Audio Zampler.


The latest installment of 'Project Zompler' is now available in the shape of some rather lovely string patches. Eight solo violin, cello and string ensemble sounds all ready to use in Beat.de/Synapse Audio's Zampler sample player/synth. 

Project Zompler is my developing soundware library for Zampler. Turning this great sounding freeware VST sample player/synth into a monster freeware Rompler with a huge library of acoustic, synthesizer and drum sounds based loosely on the General Midi protocol. 

You can download your free copy of Zampler VST instrument from the following link. 

Then you can download your soundware patch folder from the link below. The patches are dedicated, ready to use files making full use of Zamplers synthesizer parameters and effects suite. 

Ideal for use with music production software that doesn't come with instruments or with limited instruments and sounds such as Soundbridge, and for training/education purposes. 

Zampler String Patches Download:

Use the link below to download the entire 'Strings' folder. The raw samples are stored in a nested folder inside this folder along with the eight .fxb patches. Just use the 'patch load' function in the main screen of Zampler to load your sounds. 

You can find parts 1 (keyboards) and 2 (bass guitar) from the following links:

Beat Zampler


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