Thursday, November 19, 2020



Electronic cover version (excerpt) of Sting's solo career debut from 1985. 
Utilising Reason Studios ReDrum and DrOctoRex Loops, Steinberg's HALion 6 featuring ANIMA and Voltage synthesizers, Synapse Audio's DUNE wavetable synth and IK Multimedia's Sampletank 4 Custom Shop for the distorted Hammond. 

Publishing cover versions may be easier than you think. You need to pay a small additional fee to the distributor to license the version and a small percentage of revenues to the original artist and publisher thereafter. The licensing can depend on how long the song is but would typically be £18 - £24. You don't need the original artist's or publishing company's permission or anything like that, just focus on the promotion and marketing.

The original licensing fee and revenue percentage is easily offset by the fact that the song may already be well known and will therefore be searched more often and gain you additional plays and downloads. 

Cover versions can also be a great way to drive more traffic to your streaming channels through which you can promote your original songs and material. 

OK, so there's nothing quite like having a hit with an original song, but most artists have, at some point, developed and recorded cover versions with the best ones being tracks that do something different and creative with the original version. 

Original, creative and extended cover versions also make a great addition to any live set and will help you stand out from the crowd.  

So if you're a singer and you like what you hear and would like me to work on an exclusive cover version or two for you then let me know and I can work up some ideas/rushes for you. 

I also produce one or two cover versions per month which I either make available free of charge or make available to purchase. Check out the dedicated cover/backing track page for more information.

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