Thursday, October 22, 2020

TRAINING AND CONSULTING: Avid ProTools First. Training Course / Consultancy / Review.


Pro Tools First isn't perhaps the most 'open ended' of free computer music DAWS but the initial package does offer a lot to, say, a singer-songwriter taking their first steps into computer music production. Of course, Pro Tools is also an 'industry standard' studio (not to mention broadcast and video) software media package, so 'First' is a perfect introduction to Pro Tools from a career perspective. 

It has no third party instrument plug-in support, so you are tied in to buying Pro Tools own plug-ins or upgrading to one of Avid's monthly subscription packages for the full Pro Tools which will then allow you to use third party AAX instruments. At least at the time this was written. 

It does come with quite a powerful sample instrument called AIR Expand 2 which is stacked with useful, high quality, ready to use sounds. What is generally referred to as a 'Rompler'.

AIR Expand 2 MIDI Instrument.

However AVID (Pro Tools parent company) have upped the game a little by also now offering the UVI Workstation MIDI instrument and an additional 2.2gb of sounds via the AVID Plugsound sound library which you can use via the UVI Workstation. So the sounds it now comes with are not to be sniffed at.

UVI Workstation/Plugsound Sound Library.

The other thing I love about Pro Tools First is the user manual . It's a really well written, concise manual written in a friendly straight forward manner for beginners. So you don't need to refer to a huge technical 'tome' to get started that also deals with features you don't even have available to you. (Ableton only has a full 700 odd page manual, so even users of Live Lite only have the full manual to refer to). May seem like a small point, but I love the Pro Tools First manual. And we can use it as the basis for our 'concise' Pro Tools First introduction/course. 

I now consult on Pro Tools First and can offer a concise (one day) structured course, or less structured 'Q&A' type consulting. The course follows the concise Pro Tools First manual covering installation, including adding the UVI Workstation and Plugsound library, which is the one add on you can use with Pro Tools First, through to developing and completing and editing a song with both MIDI instrument and audio tracks.

As with most computer music software the first steps are the most difficult so Pro Tools First is an ideal starting point for your Pro Tools journey. From there, stepping up to the full Pro Tools will probably not be too hard. 

Unlike my other courses, this one has no additional resources other than the UVI workstation instrument and the Plugsound library since no additional plug-ins are allowed. 

The course covers:

- Creating an AVID account and installing Pro Tools First.
- Setting up audio and MIDI hardware.  
- Adding the UVI Workstation AAX instrument.
- Taking a look at the Plugsound sound expansion for UVI workstation.  
- Preparing for recording and record settings.
- A look at the Air Xpand 2 MIDI instrument.  
- Recording first MIDI tracks. 
- Recording first audio tracks. 
- Mixing tracks via the mixer page.
- Effects routing and processing. 
- Editing MIDI tracks. 
- Editing audio tracks. 

Pro Tools First Course Time:

This is a one-to-one intensive course.  Time would depend on your initial knowledge and experience but I would suggest a six hour day maximum with a break for lunch (3 hours morning/3 hours afternoon). Clients with a little more knowledge may complete the course in 3/4 hours.

Pro Tools First Course Location:

Either at my own facility in Rainham, Essex, or I can travel to you for additional expenses and time.  

Hours are charged at my current hourly consulting rate. 

Pro Tools First Consulting:

Naturally, I can also offer less structured Pro Tools First consulting. Same standard hourly rate.  


There are no set times for the course, so we can arrange a time and location convenient for you. So give me a call or email and we can arrange things.

Telephone: 07802 640373.

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