Friday, October 2, 2020


Reason Studios Reason Course Launched.

Why Reason Studios Reason?

I think Reason Studios Reason (formerly Propellerhead Reason) offers something genuinely different from other computer music DAWs (digital audio workstations). 
It's three tier system of 'rack', 'mixer' and 'sequencer' make it ideal for musicians and producers with a background and/or experience in 'real world' studio setups moving into computer music production. 

Many computer music DAWs look a bit like a spreadsheet when first opened. Take a look at Reason for the first time and at least some of it will look 'familiar' to many musicians. A rack in which you can place effects and instruments, a mixer that looks just like a hardware mixer, and a 'piano roll' type sequencer. And you even hook it all up with virtual 'wires' just like the equivalent hardware. Reason is my computer music DAW of choice. 

But my Reason course isn't just another computer music course, this course is supplied with a number of free instruments, synth patches and sample libraries that add massive additional capability to Reason and will launch your Reason voyage with a bang! See 'Course Additions' below. 

The Reason Course Modules:

This training course has 10 x 1 hour sessions/modules:

1 - Installation and Audio/Midi Setup
2 - 'The Rack'. 
Basic wiring and interfacing with 'Mixer' using Dr Rex drum loop player.
3 - 'Instruments Pt 1'. 
A look at the ReDrum drum machine instrument.
4 - ' Instruments Pt 2'. 
A closer look at 'Subtractor' synthesizer and synthesizer basics.
5 - 'Instruments Pt 3'
A closer look at 'NN-XT' virtual sampler instrument and sampling basics.
6 - 'Effects/Processing Pt1'
A closer look at REV7000 reverb MKII, DDL-1 delay and CF-101 chorus/flanger and effects basics.
7 - 'Effects/Processing Pt2'
An in depth look at insert effects and processors.
8 - 'The Mixer'
A detailed look at Reason's mixer.
9 - 'The Sequencer Pt 1.'
Midi recording, synchronising and editing. 
10 - 'The Sequencer Pt 2'
Audio recording and editing. 

These 10 x 1 hour modules add up to a complete Reason course, but can be separated. For example, the Subtractor module (4) would be ideal for anyone wanting a grounding in analog synthesizer basics. The NN-XT module (5) is an ideal introduction to sampling. 

The sessions can be taken on regular basis as preferred. 2 modules/hrs per session, one per week. As you like. 

Course Additions and Supporting Products:

Course resources include a 10 page printed course guide and re-cap.
In addition to your Reason training course, you will also receive a number of free instruments, synth patches and sample libraries which can be installed onto your computer. 
The package includes:

Drum Mechanics. Acoustic sample drum library for Reason's NN-XT sampler.
DUNE. Polyphonic wavetable synthesizer with 'Motorik City', 'Widescreen Pads and Soundscapes', 'Polysynth' and D-Mix-One patch collections. 
Steinberg Halion Sonic SE with 'Piano Mechanics', 'Organ Mechanics', Fender Agenda' (electric piano', and Folkus (acoustic guitar) VST instrument plug-ins. 
Ghost Machine Suite: Vintage drum machine samples, resamples and kits for ReDrum drum machine including Yamaha RX7, Korg S3, Akai XR10, Kawai R50 and R50e. 

So why not start your computer music journey with Reason today? Reason Intro is a really powerful version of Reason which has all the best Reason instruments and effects and has unlimited VST support. It's available for around £70.


Course and modules are delivered on a one-to-one basis at my facilities in Rainham, Essex as required by the client. 
I can also travel throughout the South East of the UK to deliver the course at additional hours and expenses. 


More info here:


Contact me for more details:

Tel: 07802 640373.

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