Tuesday, October 13, 2020

TRAINING AND CONSULTANCY: An Introduction to Ableton Live


Ableton Live has become a very popular DAW among music producers. It's 'clip' based system provides very flexible pattern based production ideal for modern dance music forms such as EDM, rap, hip hop, and techno, as well as pop, rock and singer songwriter genres. 

As it's name suggests, Ableton Live is also an ideal tool for 'live' electronic music presentation. It's flexible 'clip' and 'scene' recording and playback structure allows users to 'launch' audio or MIDI clips and scenes and swap and replace clips all whilst a track is running making every performance unique. 

Ableton Live Lite is 'bundled' with a range of popular audio/MIDI interfaces. Despite offering a maximum of 8 tracks, you can pretty much learn Ableton from the Lite version. The full version offers more tracks and more instruments are included, but all the core principles and functions can be learned from the Lite version. 

Despite being entry-level software, Live Lite can be a little daunting for the beginner when first opened. It is still powerful and flexible, so there is a bit of a gradient to the learning curve. It takes a very different approach to something like Reason with no 'real world' graphic representations of instruments and mixers, etc. Ableton Live takes a 'ground up' computer software approach with no concessions to 'real-world' music production.

So my Live Lite one-to-one course aims to help the beginner who wants to learn Live Lite packaged with his or her interface to get started and to progress confidently to the full version of Ableton Live. Currently Live 10. 

Ableton Live Course Basics:

- Audio and MIDI settings for use with chosen interface.
- 'Session View' basics including setting up MIDI and audio tracks.
- 'Arrangement View' basics including recording and editing MIDI and audio tracks.  
- Installing and setting up some external VST instrument plug-ins. 
- A look at some of Ableton Live bundled instruments.

Ableton Live Course Details:

This is a relatively informal session. Time would depend on your existing skills and knowledge level but I would aim to complete this course in 2 - 4 hours using my standard time rate. 
The course includes some concise written course notes and we can use your computer and interface setup. I'll also load and install a suite of essential software plug-ins and soundware to make your 'journey' with Ableton Live even more interesting and artistically satisfying. 

So contact me on the following details to discuss or book your course. my training suite is based in Rainham, Essex so is ideal for any London/Herts/Essex/Kent, etc based musicians/students. Or I can travel to you for additional time/expenses.

Contact Details:

Tel: 07802 640373
Email: simonthompsonmusic@outlook.com

and follow my Facebook Page for all my latest training and consultancy, soundware / instrument development, and original music updates.


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