Wednesday, October 28, 2020

SOUNDWARE: Essential Urban/Hip-Hop Drum Hits and Sample Loops for Ableton and Impulse. Vol 1.


This soundware collection for Ableton Live features 'Urban'/'Hip-Hop' drum samples, re-samples and loops arranged into kits for Live's Impulse drum kit instrument. 
Many of the samples are actually re-samples that I've squashed, EQ'd, re-pitched, and bit-crushed to make them sound extra big and fat. 

Most modern hip-hop tracks I hear tend to use mostly 'classic' analog 808/909 style drum sounds but there was a time when this genre employed very different sorts of drum sounds. 
Very much the sort of sounds you would hear from the early/golden age of hip-hop. Big rattling style drum sounds from early/eighties rap and hip hop songs. 

The first two volumes are 'Rush' and 'Real Slow' featuring two drum kits for Ableton's Impulse drum kit and a number of loops/beats organised as Ableton's 'clips'. The two collections have been saved as Ableton 'projects' so you'll need to save the individual presets and clips to use in your own 'projects'. 

Impulse is one of the instruments that comes with Live Lite so users using the introductory version of Ableton will be able to use these sounds/kits.

Download Ableton Essential Urban Drums. 

Click the links below to find your free Ableton 'Essential Urban Drums' downloads. Just right click the folder then download the project file to your hard drive. Then load the project file into Ableton. 


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