Wednesday, October 7, 2020

SOUNDWARE: Korg Kross 2. Performance Keys. Now Available!

Korg Kross 2 Performance Keys. 

The latest soundware collection for Korg Kross 2 is now available. This one is a collection of vintage keyboard instruments including organs, electric pianos, clavinets, and electric grands. 

This collection utilises the powerful effects section of the Kross 2 so it's probably fair to say that these free Kross 2 patches are more for live performance rather than multi-tracking or sequencing, etc. but they are really effective recreations and, I think , a bit of a step up from the factory sounds. 

Developed for Kross 2 users who want Nord vintage style keyboard sounds but don't have the necessary wedge for a Nord.

Loads of overdriven rock organs, funky clavinets, biting rhodes and wurlitzer electric pianos and Yamaha electric grands, all with the full effects processing of the Kross 2 applied to them for convincing live performances. 
64 patches for Korg Kross 2

Kross 2 'Performance Keys' Video Demo:

Korg Kross 2 Performance Keys Download:


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