Thursday, October 29, 2020

FREE VST: Beat/Synapse Audio Zampler. Sample/Soundfont Player and Synthesizer.


Zampler has been around for a while but I think it's a really amazing bit of freeware and a worthwhile addition to any VST instrument collection. 

Essentially Zampler is a sample player, with a powerful set of synthesizer sound parameters and a great sounding on board effects suite. It will load .sfz type soundfont files. You can edit these via the synthesizer and effects suite and then save them in Zampler's 'ready to use' .fxb patch format. 

It is a joint enterprise between Germany's Beat magazine and Synapse Audio. People familiar with Synapse Audio's original DUNE synthesizer may detect some similarities between the two instruments with Zampler being very similar to DUNE only the wavetable oscillators have been replaced by a sample player. It's not quite that simple, but there are similarities. Which is great because DUNE is a great synth. Even the original one (as I write this DUNE 3 is the current version.)

Of course, being a sample player means it's probably only as good as the samples you put in it but once you've found your soundfont, the synthesizer functions and the effects can really transform your sound and you can come up with many alternatives and variations. 

The effects section features distortion and overdrive and 4, 6, and 8 stage phasing in addition to the more 'standard' reverb and delay effects, so you can really transform your sounds. 
The synthesizer also features 3 LFOs, a multimode filter, complex modulation routings and even the arpeggiator from DUNE which is really powerful especially the 'dual' mode.

I'm currently progressing 'Project Zompler' which, when finished will turn Zampler into a great freeware 'Rompler' with a wide range of acoustic and synthesizer sounds. All for precisely nothing!

So check out Zampler, you can get your free copy at and check back here or follow my Facebook Page to follow the progress of 'Project Zompler'. 


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