Saturday, June 27, 2020

SOUNDWARE: Korg Kross 2. Analog Pack One. Synth Patches, Drums and Loops.

Korg Kross 2 Soundware. Analog Pack One. 

Analog Synth Lead, Bass, Pad and Polysynth Patches. Analog Synth Arpeggiator Loops, and Analog Drums.  

The word that often gets forgotten in the phrase 'synthesizer workstation' is the word 'synthesizer'. 

Demo Video

Check out the demo video below on my Youtube channel. So much stuff to cover, the video ran to 36 minutes!. 

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Kross 2 has loads of features and tools including a pad sampler, programmable arpeggiator, audio recording and a 16 track sequencer. It also comes loaded with oodles of preset sounds covering most categories and genres. I think it might be 1000+.

But despite all the features and preset sounds, Kross 2 is still a powerful, fully programmable synth capable of so much more than the presets sounds might lead you to believe. 

The powerful synthesizer features include twin sound generators (with 4 'zones' per generator), 496 multisampled waveforms, unison/stack mode for powerful lead and bass sounds, twin multimode filters with powerful 'parallel' modes, and complex, sophisticated modulation routing means Kross 2 is a powerful synthesizer, and that's before you even get to the comprehensive effects section and routing. 

For this patch and sample pack I decided to see what Kross 2 could do in terms of re-creating 'analog' synthesizer type patches, so I set about creating a bunch of 'analog' lead, bass, pad and polysynth creations. 

Kross 2 has 496 multi-sampled waveforms in it's memory which is rather a lot, so I decided to 'creatively limit' myself to the digitally recreated 'analog' style synth waveforms which are 311 - 349. Variations of sawtooth, square wave, pulse wave, triangle, ramp, sine wave, etc. and see what analog style synth creations I could summon from instrument. Sometimes limiting your choices can be a creative option.

To help me in this task, Korg have provided a free PC editor which was quick and hassle free to download and setup, although it is possible to fully edit and program Kross 2 via it's own panel and screen.  

In addition to the 64 synth patches, Analog Pack One also includes 64 synth arpeggio samples from my 'Motorik City' sample pack and 64 'Essential Analog Drum Samples' drawn form my E-Drum Mechanics, Punchbox, and MPC sample collections and  organised into kits for the Kross 2 pad sampler.

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Price: £5. 

You can purchase and download the soundware pack via the fully automated and secure process. Use the purchase button below. 


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