Sunday, June 28, 2020

NEWS: Production Suite/Studio Spruce Up and Update.

July 2020 Update and Studio Spruce Up. 

Spruced up the aesthetics of the production suite/studio to make it a bit 'easier-on-the-eye' and pro-looking for visiting artists, collaborators and clients. Found another home for some of my personal junk (record collection, old hifi, etc) and developed a new spacious open plan arrangement. A few pics below:

New dedicated soundware/video development area. 
Now developing soundware for Korg Kross 2, Roland FA-06 and Steinberg Halion Sonic SE3 via Halion 6. 

First Korg Kross 2 package is ready. Analog Pack One. Check out the 36 minute (!) demo video here. 

Working through Halion's 550 odd page manual but I'm getting there, and Fender Rhodes Stage 88 Mk2 with a great effects suite is already available for Halion Sonic SE3 (free version). Click here for update.  

Soundware/video area. 


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