Saturday, May 16, 2020

BACKING TRACK: Pink Floyd. Green Is The Colour.

'Green is the colour of her kind'......

Backing track for Pink Floyd's Green Is The Colour based around Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets live version is now available to download free of charge via my account. 

A slightly obscure one this one, but a beautiful song from the earlier days of Pink Floyd. And, as we all know, the music of Pink Floyd spans generations and defies fashion and aging. Everybody loves a bit of Floyd.   

Can be edited without guitar or piano parts for different instrumentalists, etc. 

This version has an instrumental vocal line to follow. 

Pure backing track is also available with the download option enabled 

Backing tracks programmed to order. Let me know if you'd like to discuss any requirements. 
Tel: 07802 640373

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Friday, May 15, 2020

SONGS: It's Not A Given

New Original Song: It's Not A Given. 

Country/waltz/pop ballad with heartfelt lyric. Suit female vocalist e.g. Faith Hill, etc. Maybe. 

Check out my soundcloud page for loads more original songs and music awaiting artists and vocalists. 

SOUNDWARE: Essential Urban Drums. Vol 1. Samples and Kits for Soundbridge RitMix.

Essential Urban Drums Vol 1 for Soundbridge RitMix

48 samples and three kits make up the first collection of Essential Urban Drums for Soundbridge's Ritmix VST drum machine. 

RitMix is a really powerful drum machine instrument available from And the amazing thing is it's yours for free!

Essential Urban Drums is a collection of soft, thuddy kick drums mixed with fat, rattling snares for those down-tempo hip-hop and rap tracks, alongside hi-hats, cymbals and percussion. 

The samples can be used with pretty much any VST drum instrument, so even if you don't use RitMix you may find this collection useful, you'll just have to put together your own kits.  

Download Link:

Essential Urban Drums Vol 1 can be download free of charger here. Just 'right click' RITMIX ESSENTIAL URBAN DRUMS and select 'download' to download entire folder. 


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