Tuesday, January 21, 2020

SOUNDWARE: Synth Patches. Dimitry Sches THORN CM. Analog Solos

32 Solo Synth Patches for Dimitry Sches/Computer Music ThornCM software synthesizer. 

I've added another collection of 32 patches for Dmitry Sches' ThornCM wavetable synthesizer adding to 'T-Mix-One' general patch collection. ThornCM is available on the cover mount DVD of every copy of Computer Music magazine and is more than worth the cost of the magazine alone (you also get a complete suite of software instruments and effects. As we speak I think it's approaching 100 plug ins.)

So lots of fat, sizzling, and cutting leads from the analog age. At some point I might get around to writing a demo for the, but in the meantime the download link is available below for you to check them out. 

Don't know if these patches will work with the full version of Thorn. These use only the two oscillators of ThornCM, but you can ry them if you own the full version. 

Thorn CM 'Analog Solos' Patch Collection Download Link:


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