Sunday, September 8, 2019

CONSULTING and TRAINING: Building Your Soundbridge. A Guide to Soundbridge Digital Audio Workstation. Part One

Soundbridge is a fully featured DAW (digital audio workstation) with powerful sequencing, audio recording, mixing and effects processing all in a single program with full VST plug-in instrument support. Here you can program and record entire songs or musical pieces from a combination of internal instrument plugins and external audio instruments and vocals. 

It's interesting to note that many 'entry level' or free DAWs either have zero or very limited VST instrument support, so you can use either zero VST instruments or a limited number, typically two or three instruments. ProTools Basic is one such example. This software comes packaged with many popular audio interfaces but is really limited to Pro Tools own instrument protocol. Similarly, at present, Steinberg's Cubase 'Elements' only supports up to two VST instruments. Both these packages are widely used in music production so these entry level versions are great for training and learning important pieces of software, but other than that, Soundbridge beats those 'entry level' packages hands down. 

I've spent several months now creating, recording and generally messing about with Soundbridge and it really is a serious piece of software, offering a professional looking interface with a solid set of features that will probably be all that ninety percent of users will ever need. Don't be fooled by the fact that it's (currently) freeware/donateware. 

Soundbridge Full Screen

Soundbridge Consulting

I'm now happy to consult on any Soundbridge based computer music projects, so if you're looking to setup/build a PC music system built around Soundbridge I can help. I now have a supply line in place with a top UK based PC hardware company, so I can build from scratch, and/or I can assist with installation, training, interface/accessory choices, etc on an existing computer, or computer of your choice. You'll also get a monthly supply of great Sound-Lounge soundware projects to feed your machine and keep you inspired. 

Whilst Soundbridge does come with a powerful suite of effects processors including delay, reverb, modulation effects such as chorus and phasing, dynamics processors, and EQ, it does not come with any plug-in instruments. However, Soundbridge does support VST2 and VST3 instrument plugins, so you can use just about all of the VST instrument plugins found within the The Sound-Lounge's blog pages alongside hundreds (if not thousands) of others. 

This is perhaps an area that clients new to computer music and setting up an starter system may find slightly confusing and frustrating. Soundbridge, or indeed any DAW, is only really as good as the instruments, audio plugins, and associated soundware that you use in it. It's tempting to dive straight into computer music via a DAW but you need other items. The instrument offerings provided with most entry level music packages are quite slim. 

This is why I've put together some Soundbridge 'starter kits' or 'recipes' based loosely on music genre and client type that provides a suite of free instrument plugins and soundware so that you have a ready made selection of resources that make your introduction to computer music generally, and Soundbridge in particular, easier and more rewarding. 

Soundbridge is also designed as a collaborative DAW and can be used within a cloud based system. you can share projects and audio section with other selected users. More on these features a little later. 

For now we'll focus on using Soundbridge as a 'traditional' stand-alone DAW program.

So, in order to put the horse 'before the cart' as it were, we are going to find a selection of freeware instruments ready to form a 'suite' of instruments we can use with Soundbridge, and we'll do this in part two. 

My Soundbridge introdutory video is now available to view here via my Youtube channel.  


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