Thursday, August 15, 2019


Rayz Roadz. Free Electric Piano for TX16Wx. 

I'm still finding my way around the TX16Wx but it looks like it's going to work quite well as a platform that I can use for all the Sound-Lounge sounds and samples. 
This way, anyone can access the sounds. 

I've managed to assemble the Rayz Roadz samples onto the TX16wx and they're sounding pretty good.
It sound's pretty much identical to the NN-XT version. 

The samples are quite 'raw' so I would encourage playing with any effects you may have available. Chorus/phasing, distortion, and of course, reverb and delay.  

TX16wx is a really powerful multi-sample instrument platform, and the basic version is available free, and you can download it here:

Both versions share the same download link, so just download the folder with the 26 samples and there are two NN-XT files (.sxt suffix) and a single TX16wx file (.txperf) suffix, for the program files.   


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