Thursday, August 15, 2019

SOUNDWARE: Rayz Roadz Electric Piano for Reason NN-XT

Free Electric Piano Samples and Patch for Reason NN-XT

I love the Rayz Roadz patch on my old Alesis QS6. 
Whilst I'm guessing it's named after Ray Manzarek of 'The Doors' fame, to me it's kind of a hybrid between an electric piano and a digital/fm type of sound. 
It really sits in a mix nicely. 
This group of 26 samples is really divided into two groups of thirteen. Thirteen 'soft' samples played at velocity 88, and another thirteen 'hard' samples played at 127 for the 'harder' kind of sound. 
The two banks are then velocity switched at 88/89 with a little bit of velocity fading. 
So it's quite expressive.
The two programs are just the 'standard' version plus a slightly 'darker' program with just the filter cut-off brought down. 
I'll try and get a short demo track put together for this soon. 
When sampling instruments, it's usually best to do it without any effects, so these samples are quite raw and 'stripped back'. So I would encourage lots of experimenting with effects. Historically, musicians have always added various effects to Rhodes and electric piano sounds. Chorusing, phasing, and often overdrive and distortion. Putting them through guitar amps and leslie speakers is also not unheard of. So play around with any effects you can lay your hands on.  

Free Electric Piano Download:

To download your Rayz Roadz electric piano for NN-XT go to the link below. The 26 samples and two NN-XT programs are all in the same folder so the NN-XT should 'see' and load up the samples when you load one of the programs. Just right click the 'Rayz Roadz NN-XT' file at the top of the page then select 'download' to download the whole folder. Please read the disclaimer below before downloading. 

CWITEC TX16wx Version.

I'm currently assessing CWITEC's free TX16wx software sampler to see if it's suitable for this sort of soundware. It's looking promising. This would give everybody access to the Sound-Lounge's instrument samples rather than just NN-XT users. I'll keep you posted. You can follow me at my Facebook Page for the latest news on this. 


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