Sunday, August 11, 2019

SOUNDWARE: Ghost Machine. Akai XR10 Samples, Resamples and Kits.

Free Drum Samples. Akai XR10. 

Ghost Machine: Akai XR10 Specs:

Original Samples: 46
Resamples: 20
Kits: 8 REDRUM, 3 Sitala
Size: 5mb

Like most instruments of the era, the XR10 was not blessed with huge amounts of memory and so it didn't have that many sounds, but it does have some good ones, especially when you start playing around with them and editing them for pitch, envelope, dynamics, and tone. So be sure to check out the resamples.

Roger Linn worked with Akai on their MPC series of drum/sequencer/production products, and whilst this product doesn't bear his signature, the sounds here are much more 'Linndrum' than, say, Roland 808/909. More Prince/Scritti powerpop than Sexual Healing.

As with all our 'Ghost Machine' downloads, you don't just get the basic samples. Oh no. In addition to the 64 basic XR 10 samples I've also put together 8 REDRUM kits for Reason and 3 Sitala* kits alongside 20 resamples which are XR10 samples edited for pitch, envelope, dynamics, and tone and really breath new life into these vintage drum machine samples. 

*Sitala is a FREE 64 bit VST drum machine sample playback rompler from Download it here.

So now everyone can access Sound-Lounge's Ghost Machine kits. 

XR10 Free Drum Samples and Resamples Download:

Use the following download link to download your XR10 sample/kit pack. 
Right click 'Akai XR-10' at the top of the page and then select 'download' to download the whole folder. Both REDRUM and Sitala kits are contained within the same folder. 

Akai XR-10 Sample/Resample/Kit Pack


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