Sunday, July 14, 2019


Great free VST host application available free from Tone2 software that allows you to quickly open and run a VST instrument without opening and setting up a larger DAW type program.

Great for live performance, sound/patch programming, and testing a new VST instrument. 

It doesn't require any scanning for instruments, just ask Nanohost to open the VST instrument you require from your VST folder. 

There is an ASIO control panel. When I ran Nanohost it instantly recognised the ASIO software and worked straight away. You can adjust buffer, etc as with any DAW. As Nanohost is a 'minimalist' host application, you may find that some more CPU hungry applications run faster, and with smaller buffer sizes than on your fully functioning DAW. 

Nanohost can even convert any VST plugin into a stand alone application. All you have to do is rename the exe-file and save it to the same directory as the plug-in. When you you start the plug-in, the VST synth is loaded automatically.

There are one or two other notable features. You can set a BPM in Nanohost so if you're syncing effects on a VST instrument the delay times, etc will be in sync, there's a random patch generator, and there's also a basic audio recorder which can creae a 32 bit stereo .wav file. 

Nanohost is an absolute must for anyone who spends time programming VST synthesizers. The ability to quickly and easily load up a synth and start working is great, but being able to rename the file and run the synth with a single click is a stroke of genius. 

Love it!

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