Tuesday, July 16, 2019

SOUNDWARE: Ghost Machine: Korg S3 Drum Machine Samples with REDRUM Kits

76 Samples from The Korg S3. 8 REDRUM Kits for Reason, and 30 Resamples. 

I remember being very excited and impressed by the S3 back in the day. I remember checking one out on loan over the all too short weekend after finishing a busy Saturday on Denmark Street. 
I seem to remember recording a track or too using it, as well. Probably consigned to a cassette in my ancient tape box. 
Anyway, from what I remember.......came out not long after the M1 as a kind of companion product. A bit more than just a drum machine, it was a sequencer and effects unit as well, a la Akai MPC Series.  
Quite 'upmarket' from what I remember. Six to eight hundred quid seems to ring a bell. Touch sensitive pads which was quite an upmarket feature on a drum machine at the time. 4 individual outputs in addition to L/R/M.  I think the samples were more geared towards 'real' rather than the 'electronic' although there was a bit of both, and there were two card slots for additional genre based expansion cards. Only the 'basic' sounds are here, I haven't been able to track down any of the samples from the expansion cards. 

Korg S3 REDRUM Kits.

I've developed 8 kits for Propellerhead's Reason REDRUM drum machine/computer. Reason is my DAW of choice, but users who don't use it will still be able to load the .wav files into their DAW/VST of choice, you will just have to create their own kits, or mix the sounds with your existing samples, etc. 

The Kits:
TightPop Kit (with Cymbals)
Tight Pop Kit (with Percussion)
Fat Pop Kit
Electronic/Hip Hop Kit.
Electronic FX Kit. 
Dub Reggae Kit
Dub Reggae Kit 2
Percussion Kit

Korg S3 Resamples:

Vintage products sometimes disappoint when you revisit them. Manufacturers years ago were working with severe memory limitations, sampling and conversion rates, and, of course, they were producing sound 'of the time' which may not age that well. To be honest going through some of the original basic samples sounding a bit, well....lame. 
Where revisiting these older vintage machines gets really interesting is when you start to edit them. Playing with pitch, shape, filtering, processing, and dynamics, and some of these sounds start to come (back) to life. 
So check out the resamples folder. 30 sounds that are heavily edited versions of the originals. You'll find some really nice free hip hop kick drums, wonderful ringing dub/ reggae snares, and some really sharp, crystalline percussion and cymbal samples. I think you'll like them.    

Korg S3 Brochure. 

A brochure is still available online from KorgForums:


Your Free Korg S3 Drum Machine Samples Can Be Downloaded Here:

Korg S3 Samples, Redrum Kits and Resamples.

Just right click the folder and select 'download' to download the complete collection. Please read the disclaimer below before downloading. 

Ghost Machines is The Sound Lounge's Free vintage drum machine samples project. 
Every month I revisit a discontinued and often long forgotten drum machine and package the samples with some kits (usually for REDRUM but I'm looking into 'wrapping' them with a popular free VST machine), some resamples (edited versions of the original samples) and sometimes some loops. 
I try and one every month, so why not follow me at my Facebook Page for new collections as they becoming available alongside my synthesizer patch collections, instrument samples, VST/DAW news and product reviews.



The information contained within this blog post is offered on an informal basis and is correct to the best of my knowledge. I accept no responsibility for outcomes arising from the mis/interpretation or use of this information and/or associated download files. Always download files via security/scanning software. 


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