Wednesday, July 31, 2019

SOUNDWARE: Drum Mechanics. Two New 'Superkits'. Plus New Demo

I've finalised two new drum kits for Drum Mechanics acoustic drum sample project. The kits are for Reason's NN-XT sampler. 
These are the Tight Studio Pop Superkit and the Big Rock Superkit. 
I've called these superkits because they contain a larger number of components and samples including flam samples for all the toms. 

Check out the Big Rock Superkit YouTube demo below:

To check out the main Drum Mechanics page hit the link below.

The Drum Mechanics samples are regular .wav files, so they can be uploaded to almost any sampler platform, but the kits are created for NN-XT and these are an integral and important part of the project, and to create your own kits using the raw .wav files would be rather time consuming, although they are all helpfully labelled so it can be done. I'm currently trying out a free VST sampler platform that would give all DAW users access to Drum Mechanics. I'll keep you posted. 

Here's my first YouTube demo for the Tight Pop Kit

Drum Mechanics was quite a 'slab' of work. It's one of the few Sound-Lounge projects that does have a price tag. £10 gets you the latest version. You can buy via Ebay:

or I can send you a Paypal Invoice. 

But, Drum Mechanics is an ongoing and ever expanding project, so I'll add you to the mailing list and send you all the updated download links as they happen. Usually every couple of months. Got some great new samples which will be available alongside some more new kits for late September/Early Oct 2019. 

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