Thursday, July 4, 2019

SOUNDWARE: Dream Mechanics D-Mix-ONE FREE DUNE/ CM Synth Patches

32 Synth Patches for Synapse Audio DUNE/CM. 

A 'mixed bag' of 32 patches for Synapse Audio DUNE/DUNE CM.
Basses, pads, leads, polysynth, and arpeggiated patches. 

I guess by software synth standards, DUNE is now quite old. There was a DUNE 2 and there's now even a DUNE 3. 
But I've got to know DUNE via the Computer Music version available with a whole host of other instruments and plugins for the price of a copy of Computer Music magazine. Currently £5.99 or musch less if you subscribe. It is the plug-in bargain of the century so I see no reason to not continuing developing patches for it. 

Anyway, here we have 32 free patches. A general mixed bag of stuff. Any owners of the oringinal Synapse Audio DUNE should be able to download and use them, the only difference, I believe, is the onboard effects section. 

Demo Video: FREE sounds for DUNE / CM  

All the sounds from the demo below are from the collection, apart from the drum loops.

Download: D-Mix-ONE Patch Collection for DUNE:

Use the link below to download your free set of DUNE patches. Right click 'DM D-Mix-One' at the top of the page and select 'download. Please read disclaimer below before downloading. 

Loads more FREE synthesizer patches to come. At least one more DUNE collection this month. Why not follow/like my Facebook Page for updates. Regular FREE soundware news/updates, latest VST/DAW news, FREE backing tracks, and original songs. 


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