Monday, July 8, 2019

BACKING TRACKS: July's FREE Backing Track. In The Air Tonight.

This month's FREE backing track is now ready to download from my account. 
It's an extended/dance/techno/house/whatever version of Phil Collins monster debut hit. Just click the title above to go to the page, and click 'download'.

I've heard a number of 'dance' type cover versions of this mainly from female artists, and I do think the song does quite readily lend itself to this kind of treatment. This version is not based on any other version, I decided to do it and started programming. This is what emerged! So you'll also be adding something original to your set/show.

This version has an extended intro section so might make a great set opener. Maybe. There's also an extended middle/drop section so you can give you're tonsils a rest, or do that kazoo solo you've been dying to fit into a song, but there's also an additional verse/chorus section following that so you don't get too lazy. I would suggest repeating one of the verses for this. 

Here's the version with an instrumental vocal/topline so you get an idea of where the verse/chorus/drop/repeat sections are:

The free download is a basic MP3 (196kbps) file. I can remaster it in MP3 (320kbps), or WAV for enhanced quality. 

I can also perform edits so if you want sections repeated/removed, key changed, etc, let me know. Think this key is Dm. 

I try and do one free backing track per month alongside my other work so why not follow/like my Facebook Page for updates and news. 
I do custom backing track and programming work, and I also have original songs for artists looking for original material for demos, career development, and repertoire, etc. Please contact me via for collaborative suggestions or licensing, etc. 

You'll find more of my backing track examples at and original songs, etc at

Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoy your new backing track. 
Look out for another one for August!. 

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