Sunday, June 30, 2019

SOUNDWARE: 'Drum Mechanics.' The Reason NN-XT Acoustic Drums Project.

'Drum Mechanics' Drum Sounds for Propellerhead Reason NN-XT Sampler.

'Drum Mechanics' is THE acoustic drum sound project for Reason's NN-XT sampler. It is an ongoing and updated project with new sounds and kits updated on a regular basis. 

It is currently supplied with three additional sound collections: 'Super Dyna-Kit', 'Essential Latin Percussion Kit', and 'XV Drums'

Feed your sampler with this huge collection of Reason NN-XT drum samples.

Why Drum Mechanics?

The inspiration for Drum Mechanics was the lack of a great sounding yet reasonably priced acoustic drum library with ready made kits for Reason's really powerful NN-XT sampler. I found some free 'instruments' but they offered very little in the way of flexibility, in terms of instrument variety, editability, output routing, and individual effects and processor routing/assignment.

Despite being quite old in software instrument terms, Reason's NN-XT is really powerful, offering multi-sampling with velocity switching, group muting, and 16 individual outputs, it's perfect for realistic acoustic drum recreation.

All the kits in Drum Mechanics allow the user to substitute samples, edit each element of the kit individually in terms of level, tuning, filtering, panning, velocity response and more, and route them to a separate NN-XT outputs for individual EQing, processing and effects via Reason's mixer. Just as you would if you were recording a 'real' drum kit, in a 'real' studio.

Sure, a VST drum instrument can be opened in any DAW, but if you happen to be a Propellerhead Reason user, then this is the acoustic drum collection for you. 

Especially relevant now that Reason has a new lease of life with the version 11 updates, and the great value Reason Intro package which includes the NN-XT as standard. 

Ideal for computer based songwriters and music producers of a large range of genres including pop, indie, rock, jazz, etc.

Over 650 drum samples and 8 kits all mapped and ready to use.

Samples are .wav files so can be used with other software samplers and DAWs, but users will need to create their own keyboard maps/kits.

All samples are clearly named and labelled to facilitate this.

Acoustic Drum Dynamics.

Acoustic drums make a different sound depending upon how they are played. A drum hit hard, doesn't make the same sound as a drum played softly only louder. It sounds completely different. It will have a different timbre and may even change pitch. Same goes for cymbals.

So to accurately recreate acoustic drums, you need lots of samples. Individual samples of drums played hard, soft, in different positions, in the centre or nearer the rim of the drum, etc. Flams, buzzes, rolls. Then you need to put them together in patches, mapped across the keyboard, with velocity switching and fading and placed into groups that accurately reflect how each element of the kit is played.

So 'Drum Mechanics' is not just a collection of audio samples. The sounds are expertly organised into kits which can be loaded into the NN-XT as patches that can then be tweaked and edited if necessary. The results are pretty amazing. One particular snare sound is made up of sixteen individual samples. 

The samples are made up from many different kit types and styles including rock, jazz, pop and latin so there are sounds and kits for a wide range of musical genres. The variety and versatility of this set goes way beyond any of the cheap or free virtual drum instruments available.

File under 'essential'.

Demo Videos: 

I've produced a couple of demo video/tracks which you can view at my Youtube channel. 

Bonus Files:

Bonus Products: In addition to the 'Drum Mechanics' collection, three other sample collections and kits are supplied.  

Super Acoustic Dyna-Kit:  Bonus 'super-dynamic' acoustic kit. Ultra-realistic Drum Workshop studio kit. (DM006)

Essential Latin Percussion Kit:  A collection of essential Latin percussion sounds to go with your drum kits. (DM007)

XV Drums: All the drum sounds from Roland's XV Series synth modules, with 8 kits.(DM008).

Download Link

Drum Mechanics can be downloaded from my Google Drive using the following link. Download the entire folder and you'll get sub-folders with the individual samples as well as the NN-XT kits. 

Drum Mechanics Project Development:

Drum Mechanics is an ongoing soundware project with new sounds, kits and demos to be added. Why not follow/like my Facebook page for all the latest updates, as well as news on a whole host of soundware projects including synth patches, sample libraries, loops, and beats.  

If you like my work, use the products, would like to support future projects, and/or just buy me a drink, then please donate via my page via the image/link below. Suggested £3 - £7 for this pack. Many Thanks. 


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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

SOUNDWARE: 'Motorik City' Vol 1. Electronic Arpeggios. Now Sampled!

Originally a patch collection for Synapse Audio's DUNE software synthesizer, 'Motorik City' Volume 1 is now available as a sample collection in .wav format for popular sample platforms. 
Inspired by European electronic music, and by resurgent electronic bands such as 'Josefin Ohrn and The Liberation' and UK's 'Hookworms', etc, this collection has potential hits galore!

YouTube Demos:


Samples are available at the following link: Motorik_City_Vol_1_Samples 
Right click 'Motorik City Vol1 Samples' to download entire folder. 

Folders denote sample groups with different tempo, key, and effects versions of samples.  

SOUNDWARE: Akai XR20 Hip-Hop/Dance Drum Sounds. Reason Redrum Kits, Resamples, and Loops.

Akai XR20 Sample Collection with 18 Propellerhead Reason REDRUM Kits. 49 Resamples. 20 Samples Loops/Beats.

The XR20 was a great sounding drum machine with over 600 great sounding drum sounds including some hip-hop dance music staples. 
The sounds are .wav files that can be auditioned and loaded by almost any DAW based or VST sampler, but what's particularly interesting about this collection is that I've developed 18 genre based kits for Reason's REDRUM drum machine.
In addition,I've resampled a further 49 of the most popular kick, snare, clap and rimshot samples with edited filtering, pitch, envelope, length and dynamics to create some even better production quality samples. 
Finally, I've included 20 sampled loops created whilst developing the kits, resamples and demo tracks.  


The REDRUM kits are really useful for Propellerhead Reason users. 18 genre based kits that utilize REDRUM's powerful editing to produce amazing sounding kits from big 80s dance, hip-hop, classic electronic, and acoustic kits that go way beyond the basic XR20 samples. All ready to use in your productions/tracks. 


I've included 49 of my own edited versions of the best kick, snare, clap and rimshot sounds from the collection. Edited with filter, envelope and pitch then resampled and saved as additional .wav files.  

Beats and Loops:

20 sampled loops and beats are also included. These are mainly beats I wrote whilst developing the REDRUM kits. I've sampled them and also made these available as .wav files. 


Please use the following link to download the folder containing the entire workshop/collection. Just right click the file: 'DM_XR20_Workshop' to download entire folder as a .zip file. Then use unpacking software to extract the files. Windows 8 onwards includes this. 7-Zip is a good free one. Total unpacked file size is 129MB. 


Please follow/like my Facebook Page for all my news. Regular FREE soundware news/updates, latest VST/DAW news, FREE backing tracks, and original songs. 


The information contained within this blog post is offered on an informal basis and is correct to the best of my knowledge. I accept no responsibility for outcomes arising from the mis/interpretation or use of this information and/or associated download files. Always download files via security/scanning software. 

ORIGINAL SONGS: 'What If It's True?'

'What If It's True'.

I'm continuing to develop original songs for established or emerging solo artists looking for original material with which to develop their careers/body of work, etc. 
This is a demo/instrumental development of a modern electronic/ballad type track. Probably suit female vocalist.
Influenced by Wendy and Lisa, Janet Jackson, etc. Maybe?
Lyrics being finalised. Please follow me at my Facebook page for latest updates. 


This piece is subject to copyright. Please contact me at or above Facebook page for licensing and/or collaborative opportunities.