Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Dmitry Sches Thorn Patch Saving and Loading.

Just a quick post on saving and loading patches in Dimitry Sches rather excellent Thorn and Thorn CM wavetable VST synthesizers. 
When Thorn is installed, it creates a file folder for patches. In Windows, this is installed into your 'Documents' file, as below. 

"My Documents"\Dmitry Sches\Thorn CM\Plug-In Presets

It's a similar situation for Macs. 
It seems Thorn will only recognise and load patches from this file folder. 

I had a situation were I'd spent some time experimenting with Thorn and then saved a few patches I'd created to a USB stick via 'Save current preset as....' in the Thorn GUI. 
Coming back to do some more work a few days later, I discovered that I couldn't find or reload my patches and was rather worried my couple of hours programming may have been wasted. I tried many things such as renaming the patch files with different suffixes (e.g. .fxb suffixes, loading them from the VST instrument's patch browser) but all to no avail. 

Thorn doesn't have a 'load patch', or 'browse patch' function, it looks at the folders within the 'Plug-In Presets' and lists them when you click in the 'preset' name field at the top of Thorn's GUI. If you find yourself in the same situation....don't panic, you have probably successfully saved your work/patches, they are just in the wrong place.

The solution was simply to move my files from my USB stick to the 'Plug-In Presets' folder in my Windows 'My Documents' folder. You can create different folders within the 'Plug-In Presets' folder. So you can call a folder 'My Thorn Patches' or similar, keep your patches here, and the folder name is shown as a separate category in the drop down menu when you click the 'preset' field.   

Many thanks to Dmitry for helping me out with this issue with a very swift email response. 

Hopefully this post will help clarify things and perhaps save people some time. 

From my initial time spent with Thorn it does seem to be a very powerful, and different sounding synth. I'll have more in depth information, a full review, and hopefully some free patches shortly (please subscribe to keep up with developments), but in the meantime you may wish to check Thorn out at Dmitry Sches website here:


This blog post is presented in an informal manner for general information only. I've attempted to ensure that everything here is correct but accept no responsibility for any situation arising out of the information, or the inability to interpret it correctly. 

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