Monday, November 20, 2023

MUSIC: Tunnel Of Love. Backing Track - Cover Version

Tunnel of Love. Backing Track / Cover Version. 

'Creative' backing track of Springsteen's epic commentary on the human condition. 
'Electronified' with warm string synth chords and deep synth bass arpeggio. 

Great as a gigging or busking backing track, or record your vocals and/or additional vocals/instruments and add to your Spotify / itunes repertoire / feed.   

Here's the demo.....

The pure backing track version has the piano / topline and synth solos removed. 

You can download it via the following link:

Additional edits such as key change, structure, solo sections, etc can be made. 

Friday, November 17, 2023

MUSIC: I'm In Heaven. Backing Track / Cover Version


I'm In Heaven. Backing Track. 

Backing track now available for surprise number one of the early noughties. 
Based Michael Jackson's Human Nature, with an alternative lyric and vocal line. 
Add it to your busking or gigging set, or record a vocal line or two and add it to your online repertoire, Spotify/iTunes feed, etc. 

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Thanks for looking/listening!


Thursday, November 16, 2023

SONGLAB REASON: SongLab Reason Lite. Donate/Free Sound Library For Reason/Combinator


SongLab Reason Lite. Free Sounds For Reason. Available Now. 

Free/donate version of SongLab reason is now available. 
Not just a taste of the Full SongLab Reason library, but a very well worthwhile library full stop. 
Sixty-four Combinator patches, utilizing Reason's powerful effects processors, and synth style editing. The full library has 350+ patches. 

Great sounding ready-to-play patches. No further editing or sample mapping is required. 
Save your own tweaks and edits. 
Instantly available digital download. 

Piano Mechanics. Grand piano for Reason.
DX E-Piano. FM digital piano for Reason.
Soft Finger P-Bass. Electric bass guitar for Reason.
Winter Ensemble. String ensemble for Reason.
Lyrical Violin. Violin for Reason.
Kick Trumpets. Brass section for Reason.
Minimoog Bass. Minimoog synth bass for Reason.
Tallis Pad. Korg Wavestate vocal pad for Reason.

Full info, digital download, and demo tracks videos at the link below:

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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

MUSIC: Everybody Wants To Rule The World. Backing Track / Cover Version.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World. Electronica Backing Track.

Something a bit more instantly recognisable for the latest piece.
Tears For Fears eighties classic gets an electronica makeover. Slowed down a little, with a deep, growling synth bassline, springy comp arpeggio, and lead synth solo section.

Available as a backing track for singers, artists, and instrumentalists looking for something a little more a creative for their gigging sets, busking, or Spotify/iTunes feeds. Cover versions can now be released via vendors such as with all the publishing royalties taken care of. 

Great, perhaps, for a female vocal version (can't really think of a female vocal version of this song), or instrumental buskers maybe. 

Backing track with no vocals or synth top line available via the link below. 

Custom backing tracks and programming work undertaken. Contact me via email to discuss you're requirements. 

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Monday, November 13, 2023

MUSIC: I Burn For You. Backing Track / Electronica Cover Version.


I Burn For You. Backing Track / Cover Version.

Ages since I did any actual music, so busy developing soundware and sample libraries and such-like. 

Been wanting to do a version of this song for ages. Originally by The Police, I Burn For You is just the sort of powerful and evocative pop music that I love. 

I don't believe it featured on a Police album, but was part of the soundtrack to the cinematic version of Dennis Potter's then controversial, and perhaps still controversial Brimstone and Treacle along with Sting's version of Spread A Little Happiness which I seem to remember was used as the end credits music. 

This version starred Sting alongside British acting luminaries Joan Plowright, Denholm Elliott, and Susanna Hamilton. The story had been previously dramatised for TV with much the same cast, only with Michael Kitchen playing the part of the mysterious house guest/devil. I believe this version was filmed as part of the BBC's Play For Today series during a period of great creativity for the once loved British broadcast institution. Sadly, I can't really image the BBC undertaking anything quite as original, or edgy as this these days. 

Anyway........I's my interpretation of I Burn For You. Just hit the play button.

Some may consider it a bit 'obscure' or a bit of a curiosity, but I love the song and I think it lends itself perfectly to a bit of 'electronicafication' (if that's a word). 

I think it would make a great addition to any vocalist's set, or streaming/Spotify/digital sales profile. It is now perfectly possible, legal, and indeed moral to release cover versions without the original artist's permission via companies such as Landr. (

Or you could just listen to it as it is! 

I don't think this song has been given the female vocal treatment yet, and I think it lends itself perfectly to instrumentalists to add to their gig, or even busking set. Violin, sax, piano, trumpet, etc. 

The version here has a synthesizer vocal/top line and solo section. Obviously this is removed in the 'pure' backing track version.  

Please contact me to get a copy. 

This is just an example of my work. If you need original, or cover version/backing track programming, and think I may be able to help, then please get in touch via email.  

For anyone not familiar with the original then here it is:

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As ever, thank you for listening/looking.